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Lisa Cadieux

Lisa Cadieux

Thank you for visiting. Secondary Dystonia, neurological muscle disorder, with no cure, a cause very dear to me. The struggle of this muscle disorder is a daily life changing commitment for myself, family , friends , and others who are patients and caregivers . Together we can make a difference by joining hands and supporting Team Hope4Secondary Dystonia with fundraising and walking for a cure !
A few years ago , Lisa was a woman who felt unstoppable. A motherto three sons son, loving friend to many , and a sister to three siblings – Lisatook the world in her stride until one day she was floored when she arrived at the doctor to find out she was diagnosed with Secondary Dystonia. Not one to take the diagnosis lying down, Lisa sprang into action. She started raising money for research , and in 2014 took on her latest fundraising challenge for the charity - joinjng hands with MCV/VCU and creating The Leon and Shirley Cadieux Fund for Secondary Dystonia Research Foundation at MCV in order to help find a cure . She enlisted the help friends and strangers. This the third year we have committed to the Movin Shakin 5k Walk and Run . We need your help to meet our goal.
Join our team today, help us make difference !



raised of $10,000 goal

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